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Jerry Jones Quote of the Day

Can you pick the actual comment Jerry Jones made this week?

A) New Coke tasted waaay better than Coke Classic.

B) Justin Guarini was robbed.

C) Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was the first good Indiana Jones movie.

D) Our entire running game this year…we’re better.

Maybe Just Pick 1 Team For Now

BREAKING: Unhappy that the team didn’t pick up his option (which means he’s playing in 2015 for $1.6MM instead of $7.8MM), Seahawks’ LB Bruce Irvin says he will be playing for the Falcons in 2016.

Fast forward to round 1 of the playoffs when the two teams meet and Irvin has an open shot on Matt Ryan’s blindside, but instead of hitting him he gives him a piggyback ride into the end zone and rips off his jersey to reveal a #RiseUp shirt.


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