Craig’s Week 13 Mailbox Run


Welcome to Craig’s Weekly Mailbox Run, where I answer your fantasy football questions and give you the exact advice you need to destroy your opponent, embarrass them for all eternity, and maybe live better in the process.

There were four questions stuffed into the mailbox this morning, so here are your answers.

Question 1: How do I prepare for the playoffs?

Since you are asking this I am assuming that you have already clinched a spot. If you haven’t clinched a spot, your only focus should be on winning your matchup this weekend in order to advance. The trade deadline has passed so you cannot bolster your team by poaching from others. You instead need to use the waiver wire, but be very careful as you do this. The big mistake people make is accidentally downgrading their team because they feel like they have to make transactions.

Don’t dump a consistent player that helped you get to this point for a stash player or lottery ticket. Keep the people you have been able to lean on or depend on. When it comes to the waiver you do want to target lottery tickets, just at the right value. A lottery ticket player can help you roll through the playoffs, but only claim them if you have the room on your team.

Lastly, do not drop backups or secondary players just because it’s close to the end. You’ve been carrying those handcuffs to guard against injuries, and you’re not out of the woods yet. Injuries are the quickest way to end a playoff run, and your roster needs to help you be prepared for a sprained ankle, a blown out knee, or an exploding lungs scenario.

Question 2: I’m eliminated from the playoffs, what do I do now?

It’s easy. Are you out of your season long fantasy league? Try out daily fantasy sports where you get to build a whole new team every week! Don’t worry about being terrible at season long fantasy! Check out Fanduel this week and enter promo code LOSERS and have your first deposit matched up to $200! (Note: they release your matching $$ slowly as you play more and more games, not all at once.)

Or just order some pizza and just watch football like any other week.

Question 3: I hate Peyton Manning but now he is a dinosaur what should I do?

Well he had actually been a living fossil for about a year now. As a Manning owner you should have had a backup or replacement ready from week 1. If not any of these potential waiver wire QBs will help you out.

– Derek Carr
– Blake Bortles
– Uncle Rico
– Jameis Winston
– Jay Cutler
– Ryan FitzMagic

Again, you should have grabbed a QB earlier in the year, but now that Manning is officially old, and officially benched, you need to have one of these guys. Also, throw out that Peyton Manning poster on your bedroom wall and start looking for a Brock Osweiler version.

Question 4: Have you seen a career end more terribly than Peyton Manning’s has?

Yup. Kobe Bryant.

I’ll be back next week with help for the first round of the playoffs. If your playoffs start a week later then just come back and read all of these posts a week later, duh.

Craig Scott is a contributor. You can follow him on Twitter at @CScott14. He has two first names.

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