The Fantasy Wrecker – Week 12


It’s Thanksgiving Week, so I thought I would run through all the things I’m thankful for this year—NFL style.

  • I’m thankful for three football games on Thanksgiving Day, providing me with an activity other than interacting like a normal human being with my loved ones. Especially Uncle Gary and his new “side business.” Stop it, Uncle Gary.
  • I’m thankful that Ben Roethlisberger seems to be made of titanium and dragon’s blood. Seriously, the guy shrugs off injuries like they’re nothing. I love him. I have Antonio Brown on my team, and Big Ben feeds the guy the football. When Roethlisberger’s out, Brown is just an average receiver.
  • I’m thankful that my cousin Danny bought a Vincent Jackson jersey five years ago simply because Jackson was carrying his fantasy team. That’s what fantasy football is all about—illogical love for a random player because he’s killing it for your team.
  • I’m thankful that my mom is making three different types of pie this year. Not football related, but I love pie. Seriously. Pie is the best.

Let’s get to Week 12:

Three Players Who Will Wreck Your Opponents This Week:

Josh McCown, QB, Cleveland —McCown is back as the starter after Johnny Manziel decided partying was more important than playing football, and he’s facing a Ravens’ defense that has given up the second most fantasy points to quarterbacks. I also think Baltimore is just about ready to pack it in for the season, so it’s probably a good matchup.

Chris Johnson, RB, Arizona—The Cardinals will stake a large lead early against the disaster that is the 49ers and run the ball to chew up the clock. Johnson will be the beneficiary. Start him.

Vincent Jackson, WR, Tampa Bay—Mike Evans will get a heavy dose of Vontae Davis, the Colts’ best defensive back, which will leave Jackson free to feast on the rest of the subpar secondary.

Three Players Who Will Wreck Your Team This Week:

Andy Dalton, QB, Cincinnati—Dalton will be facing a Rams defense with a punishing pass rush, and I don’t think he can handle it. Best case scenario he puts up low double digit points. Look somewhere else.

Lamar Miller, RB, Miami—It hurts me to say it, but I don’t think Miller has a good game on Sunday. The Jets’ defense is tough, and rookie Jay Ajayi is stealing carries from him. You don’t have to sit him, but if you’ve got a better option, use it.

Dez Bryant, WR, Dallas—The Panthers no how to disrupt passing offenses, and Bryant will likely be covered by cornerback Josh Norman, who’s becoming one of the best pass defenders in the league. Dez has the talent to put up points despite facing a great defense, but temper your expectations for him this week.

The Guy Who’s Wrecking My Fantasy Season This Week:

Chris Ivory was making me look like a genius early in the year, but now he’s starting to wear down and my RB2 is looking shaky. Get some extra rest, Chris, and eat right. There’s only a few weeks left in the fantasy season, and I need to win my fantasy league. My Cowboys are 3-7. I don’t have any other chance at football glory this season.

Ben Zajdel is a contributor. You can follow him on Twitter at @bzajdel. His last name would be a great Scrabble word.

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