Bryan’s Week 10 Picks


Last Week: 7-6

Year to Date: 66-66

On bye: IND, ATL, SD, SF

Thursday Night Pick: Buffalo (+2.5) and I FINALLY WON A THURSDAY NIGHT GAME!

The AFC Dregs Pick: Jacksonville (+6.5 over Baltimore) because the Ravens should not be favored by that much over anyone. Start all the Jags.

The Take the Under Pick: Miami (+6.5 at Philly) because we keep waiting for Chip’s offense to explode and it keeps not exploding.

The AFC North Pick: Cleveland (+4.5 over Pittsburgh) because John Manziel can’t be this bad, right? Wait, don’t answer that.

The Mobile QB Pick: Tennessee (+5.5 over Carolina) because this is sort of the definition of a trap game for the Panthers.

The Blackhawks-Blues Pick: Chicago (+8.5 over St. Louis) because the line is just too high*. Nick Foles and Jeff Fisher giving 8.5? No thanks.

The Even a Broken Clock Pick: Dallas (+1.5 over Tampa Bay) because at some point Dallas has to stop losing these close ones.

The Bye Week Pick: Washington (+1.5 over New Orleans) because Washington comes in rested, and the Saints are still overrated.

The RELAX Pick: Green Bay (-11.5 over Detroit) because I need to take at least one favorite and people are starting to doubt the Packers again.

The West Coast Best Coast Pick: Oakland (-3.5 over Minnesota) because you always take a car on a bridge over water. See what I did there?

The SB Rematch Pick: Giants (+7.5 over New England) because this doesn’t feel like a 16-0 team, so why not this week?

The Emotional Hedge Pick: Kansas City (+6.5 over Denver) because I am taking the Broncos in a suicide pool and need to hedge it in case I lose.

Sunday Night Pick: Arizona (+3.5 at Seattle) because I’ve been rolling with the Cards all year.

Monday Night Pick: Houston (+10.5 at Cincinnati) because this might be the last game the Chargers win all year.

*in most places this line is already down from -8.5 to -7.0

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