Bryan’s Week 9 Picks


Last Week: 5-9

Year to Date: 59-60


Thursday Night Pick: Cleveland (+10.5) because I have Cincy in a suicide pool and I still haven’t won a Thursday night game.

The Big Easy Pick: Tennessee (+8.5) because I had a hard time believing the Saints were bad, and now I don’t believe they’re good again.

The AFC Least Pick: Miami (+3.5) because the Bills are wearing these atrocities on Sunday.

The I-95 Pick: Washington (+13.5 over New England) because the bye let them practice a backdoor cover for the last two weeks.

The Fitzy Pick: NY Jets (-2.5) because this line would have beenĀ -7.5 had they have known that Ryan Fitzpatrick would be starting.

The Bradshaw-Stabler Pick: Pittsburgh (-5.5) because 10am is too early for Derek Carr to play football.

The RB Pick: Minnesota (-2.5) because I keep picking against them and they keep delivering. (Best two RBs in the league in this game maybe?)

The Game of the Week Pick: Carolina (+2.5 over GB) because being the underdog at home when you are undefeated is worth fighting for.

The Eli Pick: New York (-2.5) because I think Eli keeps it rolling from last week and Jameis can’t hang with him.

The Gabbert Pick: Atlanta (-4.5) because Blaine Gabbert should never be getting less than 27.5 points against the spread.

The Peyton Pick: Indianapolis (+3.5) because Andrew Luck loves coming back in the second half to cover the spread.

Sunday Night Pick: Dallas (+2.5) because I’ve seen Philly play. They should NOT be favored on the road anywhere.

Monday Night Pick: San Diego (-3.5) because this might be the last game the Chargers win all year.

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