Craig’s Week 8 Mailbox Run


Welcome to Craig’s Weekly Mailbox Run, where I answer your fantasy football questions and give you the exact advice you need to destroy your opponent, embarrass them for all eternity, and maybe live better in the process.

There were four questions stuffed into the mailbox this morning, so here are your answers.

Question 1: What players can I give up on?

It is tough to completely give up on players and guarantee they will underperform the rest of the season. Instead of doing that I’ll give you list of players you should be feel comfortable dropping for waiver wire adds. These players may get hot later in the year but the idea is that you should be comfortable dropping these players. If they perform later on then at least you can feel like you still made the right decision.

Peyton Manning – Yup. It’s time. He only gets worse at the weather gets cold and he is already terrible as is.

CJ Anderson – A high draft pick that has lost his starting job due to being completely terrible at professional football. He could always win the job back but until then Stefon Diggs will be more helpful to your roster. That’s two Broncos players on the drop list. Just like we thought.

Brandin Cooks – Now, in a PPR format he hasn’t been terrible, but he has performed nowhere near his ADP in standard leagues. You don’t need to drop him, but it may be time to give up on him being the player you drafted.

Question 2: Why isn’t my hilarious, brilliant, handsome son rich and famous yet? And will he still visit his mother when he is? – Mom

Mom what are you doing here? I didn’t know you played fantasy football? Also yes I will stop by this afternoon if there is food.

Question 3: I’m 2-5 what is the point of even making a roster?

Woah man. You are in this for the long haul. You made a commitment to yourself, to your family, and to your country. You need to keep working hard because it is completely possible in FFB to go on a 4 or 5 game winning streak out of nowhere. Just the same you could go on a 4 or 5 game losing streak. This means you could still beat out one of the 4-3 teams who think their team is better than it is.

More importantly, you also need to remain as competitive as possible for the integrity of your league. If you quit you are giving other teams a bye week that another team may not have the luxury of.

One more reason is pride. PRIDE. Every heard of it? BE THE MAN YOUR COUNTRY IS COUNTING ON, DARN IT.

Question 4: I have a pretty good team but this means I can never win a claim on waivers to fill my team’s last few weak spots. What should I do?

There is one strategy that is risky but can pay off for a team that already has a solid roster. We are getting to the point in the season where teams need to hit on waivers to win. This means that someone may drop a relatively solid player just to buy a lottery ticket on a new player. You can wait until waivers process and then be the first clean up on all the scraps. The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

That last cliche I just used is actually pretty stupid but it made my point. The “early” bird is also the first one to fly into the window and die and the second mouse also has to find a dead family member so…..neither really sound like a good day.

I assume this is the best fantasy information you will read all week, so you’re welcome. Come back next week for more dominance-inducing wisdom, and if you’d like your question answered, send it to with “Mailbox Run” in the subject line.

Craig Scott is a contributor. You can follow him on Twitter at @CScott14. He has two first names.

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