Craig’s Week 5 Mailbox Run


Welcome to Craig’s Weekly Mailbox Run, where I answer your fantasy football questions and give you the exact advice you need to destroy your opponent, embarrass them for all eternity, and maybe live better in the process.

There were five questions stuffed into the mailbox this morning, so here are your answers.

My D/ST has a bye but I don’t have room to roster two D/ST, should I just take a zero for the week?” – Stephen S.


Uh no. Taking a zero at a roster spot is like giving yourself a haircut in a dark room: never a good idea. When it comes to D/ST you do not ever need to roster more than one in any standard size league. This week you may have the Panthers or the Jets. Drop them. If you are seriously concerned about someone taking them, then drop them right before the games on Sunday so they stay on waivers into the following week when you have a shot to pick them back up.

Defenses and Special Teams are very rarely consistent and are never worth taking up valuable spots on the bench. This is why I never recommend drafting them before the last two rounds. Many drafted Seattle this early this year because of the name. Guess what? They were only the number 6 D/ST last year. Drop your defense and pick up a good matchup.

There are no RBs on the waiver wire, what do I do?” – Cameron B.

Well you should have drafted a ton of them because no matter what people say before the season this position is always scarce. But even if you did there are plenty of early and mid-round busts so far like Anderson, Hill, or Gore. If you are stuck with a week RB core then this is what you do.


  • Buy Low- Lamar Miller has a new coach, Gore is on a productive offensive and has fumbled away two TDs he should have had. You may be able to trade an extra WR for these guys.
  • Observe Workloads- Ronnie Hillman is going to get more work than Anderson right now. If he’s available then grab him. Charles Sims is not getting many carries but he is getting work as a receiver and scoring with his opportunities. Looking at week 3 Antonio Andrews may have taken over the starting role on the Titans and he is coming off a bye. Try and grab him before your league catches on.
  • Pay attention to injuries: Tevin Coleman is injured and Freeman has exploded in his absence. Someone may have dropped Coleman and he is someone to take a flyer on when he comes back as he could steal work back from Freeman. Anthony Dixon looks to start for the Bill since Karlos Williams and Shady McCoy may miss time. Thomas Rawls will get plenty of work when Lynch is out.

“Honestly, how much fun is this daily fantasy thing?” – Carlos R.

Honestly? I don’t enjoy it. The fun I get from fantasy sports comes from the strategy week-to-week, trash talking, and living and dying with your moves. I think that DFS will be fun for one type of person. Gamblers. I’m not saying DFS is bad, I just don’t get any enjoyment from it except for the little feeling that “I might win some money.” Too me that’s not why I play. If you enjoy it that’s awesome but I think that season long fantasy is 100 times more exciting.

“What’s your biggest mistake of the season so far?” – Terry C.

Absolutely nothing. I have been perfect in every decision I’ve made. Except for a few weeks ago when I decided to eat pizza rolls. They are only a good temperature to eat for about 4 minutes and you have to eat 50 of them. This means you melt you tongue, then eat them as fast as you can as they cool down, and then get horrible heartburn and other bodily side effects. Season long advice. Avoid pizza rolls.

“Have any underrated starts for the week?” – Amy W.

  • Alex Smith against the Bears
  • Frank Gore against the Texans
  • Travis Benjamin against the Ravens
  • Gronk against the Cowboys. (Massively underrated player)
  • Falcons D/ST against Kirk Cousins

I assume this is the best fantasy information you will read all week, so you’re welcome. Come back next week for more dominance-inducing wisdom, and if you’d like your question answered, send it to with “Mailbox Run” in the subject line.

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