The Fantasy Wrecker – Week 4


In one of my leagues last week, I scored more than a hundred points but still lost, mostly because my opponent had Randall Cobb (three touchdowns) and Jeremy Maclin (one touchdown, the first for a Kansas City wide receiver in more than a year). Sometimes that’s going to happen. Everyone hates those weeks when you score more than everyone else in your league, except the guy you’re playing. But if your team is regularly scoring more than a hundred points a week, you’ve got a good team and are likely on your way to the playoffs.

That’s one of my core philosophies in fantasy football. What’s more likely to happen? Who is more likely to be injured: a player over thirty or a twenty-five year-old in the prime of his career? Who is more likely to lead the league in receptions: a wide receiver in Green Bay’s offense, or the poor sap who’s catching passes from Josh McCown? I do this with almost every fantasy decision I have to make, and it’s worked out pretty well for me. Try it and I think you’ll find the same success.

Let’s get to Week 4…

Three Players Who Will Wreck Your Opponents This Week:

Matt Ryan – The Falcons are facing a Texans team that has given up the fifth most points to quarterbacks this year. J.J. Watt and Houston’s defensive line are scary, but Ryan has Julio Jones and an offensive line that has gelled.

Melvin Gordon – The Browns have given up an average of 19.7 points per game to opposing running backs. Gordon has had at least three long touchdown runs called back this season. I expect the Chargers to get ahead of Cleveland early and give the ball to Gordon

Charles Clay – The first week of byes are here, and if you’re missing Gronk like I am, Clay is a good play and he’s available in 36% of ESPN leagues. The Giants have allowed 13 points per game against tight ends, fourth most in the NFL.

Three Players Who Will Wreck Your Team This Week:

Ryan Tannehill – Tannehill has struggled against the Jets in his short career, and this season New York has allowed the second fewest points to quarterbacks. The game is also in London, if you think that matters. Look somewhere else this week.

Justin Forsett – Forsett is struggling this year, and the Ravens are facing a Steelers defense that has only given up 167 total rushing yards in three games. They haven’t given up a touchdown to a running back, either.

Travis Benjamin – I’m not sure if Benjamin is legit or not, but he’s facing a Chargers defense that has allowed the second fewest fantasy points to wide receivers. I know he’s a popular pickup right now, but I think Benjamin comes back to earth this week.

The Guy Who’s Wrecking My Fantasy Season This Week:

At this point I’m throwing pennies into fountains and wishing for Joe Philbin to get fired. It’s nothing personal, Joe, but I shouldn’t have to remind you week after week that Lamar Miller is on your roster and he’s a really good running back. I know he’s not Marshawn Lynch or Adrian Peterson, but you’re not Bill Belichek, either, and you get to coach the whole game. Just give Lamar twenty carries one game and I promise you’ll like what happens. FREE LAMAR MILLER.

Ben Zajdel is a contributor. You can follow him on Twitter at @bzajdel. His last name would be a great Scrabble word.

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