Craig’s Week 4 Mailbox Run!


Welcome to Craig’s Weekly Mailbox Run, where I answer your fantasy football questions and give you the exact advice you need to destroy your opponent, embarrass them for all eternity, and maybe live better in the process.

There were three questions stuffed into the mailbox this morning, so here are your answers.

“Okay Craig, it’s week 4. Who do I buy low or sell high on?” – Lindsey H.

Buying low or selling high can be what transforms you from a fantasy scrub to a fantasy god. I hear it can make you money on the stock market as well, but who cares about that when pride is at stake!

Buy Low:

Jeremy Hill – He has started slow, but he is still the starter. Gio gets snap when they play from behind and they won’t be playing from behind. Hill just needs a few good runs to get him going. Trying and swap a sell high candidate for him, because the Jeremy Hill owner in your league is sure to be fed up with his performance so far.

Mike Evans – I mentioned him last week as a player not to worry about. Well he finally performed a little better this past week. The most important stat from that performance? 17 targets! Winston is finally looking for him. There is nothing better for your fantasy player than to be force fed targets. Evans was drafted as a WR 1 by many and those owners may be looking to swap him to rebound from some early season losses.

Sell High:

Joseph Randle – At first glance Randle’s Week 3 performance looks fantastic, but let’s break it down. There has been a pretty amazing stat going around this week that maybe you have missed. Randle had 14 carries for 87 yards and three touchdowns. He started off with 28 yards, 37 yards and a TD, and 20 yards. 85 yards total on his first 3 carries. After that he had 11 carries for TWO yards. No thank you. Sell high to a fantasy owner who only checked his final stat line and fantasy points.

Jeremy Maclin – Yeah I know I mentioned him as droppable last week. Hopefully you didn’t listen to me so now you can trade him. What do the Chiefs do really well? Set records. Like not throwing a TD to a WR for almost a season and a half. Maclin went off in garbage time but he will not be consistent with Alex Smith and Big Red. The Smith Reid combo is exactly like a 1995 Honda Civic. Popular, manage to stick around longer than they should, have a spare tire, and they don’t throw touchdown passes to wide receivers.

“I based my entire team name off of a player’s name and now they are terrible, what do I do?” – Hunter S.

Why do people do this? A league mate of mine has had these two names the last two years.

Montee Ball so Hard
Zac Stacy’s Mom

Yeah, didn’t work out. Two tips for naming your fantasy team.

-Don’t google search “funny fantasy football team names.”

-Don’t name your team after a player who is marginal at best.

Now to answer your question. Change the name. There is nothing more depressing than having a team named after a player you dropped in Week 2. Except maybe that moment when you run out of chips before your salsa.

“Show me the CarFax!” – Gregg Z.

Uh no. That’s not how this works. Unless you mean CarrFacts, then I can help.

+ Derek Carr has back-to-back 300 yard passing games.
+ Derek Carr has 26 and 20 points in ESPN Standard scoring the last two weeks.
+ Derek Carr faces the Bears this week, who have given up 8 TDs, 1 INT and allowed a 71% completion percentage.

If you stream QBs, start Derek Carr.

General Tip: Be aware that bye weeks are starting and start to prepare now. Before you accept a trade see how it affects your bye week fill in players. Don’t trade away your 4th receiver because he’s a stud but is always on the bench. Keep him so you can start him in Week 7 when Alshon, AJ Green, Cobb, and D Thomas are all on bye. Mike Evans will outscore whatever scrub your competition has lined up like Michael Crabtree or Turk.

I assume this is the best fantasy information you will read all week, so you’re welcome. Come back next week for more dominance-inducing wisdom, and if you’d like your question answered, send it to with “Mailbox Run” in the subject line.

Craig Scott is a contributor. You can follow him on Twitter at @CScott14. He has two first names.

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