Craig’s Week 3 Mailbox Run!


Welcome to Craig’s Weekly Mailbox Run, where I answer your fantasy football questions and give you the exact advice you need to destroy your opponent, embarrass them for all eternity, and maybe live better in the process.

There were five questions stuffed into the mailbox this morning, so here are your answers.

“What do I do with Mike Evans?” – Tyler B.

The answer to this will work for most any top player who hasn’t performed up to expectations. Evans missed week 1 and came back to play week 2 putting up exactly zero yards. He has plenty of time to show up and I think he will. My guess is that he was more limited than we were told for the week 2 game. We saw this last year with Megatron. He was used as a decoy, forcing fantasy owners to play him because he’s on the field but forcing fantasy owners to lose because he throws up a goose egg. It’s not like I’m bitter about it or put a hole through the wall of my closet with a flying elbow or anything.

Mike Evans will be fine, he just needs time with Winston considering he missed a multiple weeks of practice with him. I would consider trying to buy low on him if you can.

“What is going on with the Eagles and what do I do with their players?” – Joe H.

Many people thought you could draft an entire fantasy team of Eagles players and be successful. If everything went to Chip Kelly’s Master Plan, you probably could have. Unfortunately this is the NFL and absolutely nothing goes to plan, just ask Trent Richardson’s agent.

The Eagles’ biggest problem is the run game. Like the top of Donald Trump’s forehead, it is non-existent. The second problem is Sam Bradford. We can all agree he has potential, but he’s not living up to it.

My take: The O-line will sort itself out and so will Bradford. Miscommunication can be fixed. You need to bench everyone but Jordan Matthews until they figure it out. Until then no one is worth starting in fantasy, unless you have absolutely zero other options at the position. In my leagues I will probably have to roll out Demarco Murray but if I had a better backup option I wouldn’t hesitate to bench him.

Don’t give up on Eagles players yet, and if someone in your league does, go ahead and pick them up.

“I love to eat smoked wings but I don’t like the texture. How do I make them less soft and more crispy?” – Mike C.

I recommend a dry rub and then putting them on the grill for a few minutes after the smoker. This helps crisp up the outside and create the texture you are looking for. Now I’m hungry…thanks Mike.

“How do I know if I won a trade?” – Annie S.

If you’re asking yourself this question after a trade, punch yourself in the face because you’re asking the wrong question.

Trades are not like soccer games, there does not need to be a definitive winner and loser. Wait…bad analogy. But you get my point.

The only question that matters is, “Does this make my TEAM better?” That’s it. I ask myself that before every trade. Maybe a trade gives you an upgrade at WR, but if you are already stacked at that position and you gave up bench depth at RB that you might need for bye weeks. This will look like a good trade but it doesn’t make your team as a whole better.

Until you get closer to the postseason and have a better idea of who your playoff match ups will be, don’t concern yourself with the other person. Focus on making your team deeper and stronger.

“Are there any waiver pick ups you would start this week?” – Jerry H.

Yes absolutely. I mentioned this guy last week, but Carson Palmer needs to be owned in every league. His ownership went up quite a bit this week but he is still available in almost twenty percent of leagues on ESPN. He is facing the Niners this week, a team that Big Ben destroyed last week through the air. Donte Moncreif and Stevie Johnson will also be good plays this week and were popular waiver snags. James Starks is a great option if Lacy misses this week.

I noticed that Jimmy Clausen’s ownership has raised from the incredible .01 percent (pre Cutler injury) to the unbelievable and unacceptable .05 (post Cutler injury). There should be zero shares of this QB unless you’re in a league that awards points for failed third down attempts and “camera shots of the QB looking bewildered on the sidelines.”

Drafted players I’m dropping for waiver pickups (may vary depending on league size):

Joique Bell
LeGarrette Blount
Owen Daniels
Victor Cruz
Jeremy Maclin

I assume this is the best fantasy information you will read all week, so you’re welcome. Come back next week for more dominance-inducing wisdom, and if you’d like your question answered, send it to with “Mailbox Run” in the subject line.

Craig Scott is a contributor. You can follow him on Twitter at @CScott14. He has two first names.

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