Craig’s Week 2 Mailbox Run!


Welcome to Craig’s Weekly Mailbox Run, where I answer your fantasy football questions and give you the exact advice you need to destroy your opponent, embarrass them for all eternity, and maybe live better in the process.

There were four questions stuffed into the mailbox this morning, so here are your answers.

“What should I do with Peyton Manning?” – Jackson S.

While week one is always full of overreaction, this question is connected to more than just this last week’s performance. Manning has not looked since the tail end of last season. We were told it was just an injury last year but he looked old in the preseason and old in week 1 and last night against the Chiefs. He also doesn’t look very comfortable in the new offensive system.

All of this being said, you cannot just give up on him after one week and drop him. Last year we thought Tom Brady was done and remember what happened? He deflated his footballs and started performing like the Hall of Famer he is. All deflation jokes aside, he performed much better the rest of the season and Peyton could do the same.

If you have better options like Carson Palmer or Tony Romo, then play them. Just let Manning ride the bench until he proves he is worth it, but you can’t get nothing for someone you spent a high pick on. If a sucker in your league wants to trade for him and offers you a great trade then I would seriously consider that option as well. While I’m not confident in his ability to rebound, it is too early to give up. This is exactly why I am a huge fan of streaming QBs and saving my higher round draft picks for WRs and RBs.

QB’s I’d start over Peyton: C. Palmer, M. Ryan, S. Bradford, R. Tannehill

“Is Amazon Prime worth it?” – Will K.

Yes. Sometimes I forget that there are people who wait more than two days for their laundry detergent and lightbulbs to show up at their door.

Friendly advice, don’t tell your family you have it or else then your family will have it too.

“What should I do with Dez Bryant?” – Amanda K.

This is a very tricky situation. I am not a doctor but I have access to WebMD and that is basically the same thing as being a doctor. I also accidentally watched ten minutes of Dr. Oz once thinking it was a cooking show. Needless to say I’m qualified so here is my take. I think he will miss 8 weeks.

Stephanie Bell of ESPN talked a lot about this injury this week and I trust her knowledge and explanation of the injury. 4-6 weeks was an aggressive time frame to return to “Football activity”, not games. If he can practice in 6 then he should play in 8 but don’t be surprised if this lingers even longer. If your team is going to hurt at the WR position because you are burning a bench spot on Dez then try and trade him to see what you can get. Winning now is more important because you won’t have Dez for the playoffs if you don’t make the playoffs.

Someone who has a stacked roster and wants to prepare for a playoff run may trade you some of their bench depth they don’t start and you can use those player to fill the void. Keenan Allen and Tevin Coleman for Dez would help you fill the WR hole and give you a potential starter or fill in at RB.

“MY FIRST ROUND PICK DIDN’T SCORE A LOT, WHAT DO I DO?” – At least one person in every league

First, go to Settings>Caps-Lock>Disable.

Next, relax. Just because a high draft pick didn’t perform up to expectations in week 1 doesn’t mean you need to worry. Week 1 brings us all kinds of craziness from the Titans beating the Chiefs to Aaron Rodgers only scoring 9 points last year. Rodgers became the highest scoring fantasy QB and the Titans only won one more game that year.

The same goes for any draft picks. Don’t freak out and trade someone for less than they are worth because of a bad week 1. The only trades I’m making after week 1 are to buy low or sell high. Someone may forget Le’Veon Bell comes back week 3 and overpay for DeAngelo Williams or they may think Shady McCoy is gonna be a bust and trade him for peanuts.

Sidenote: You should be able to trade fantasy players for food.

I assume this is the best fantasy information you will read all week, so you’re welcome. Come back next week for more dominance-inducing wisdom, and if you’d like your question answered, send it to with “Mailbox Run” in the subject line.

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