The Fantasy Wrecker – Week 2


Don’t panic. Fight the urge to trade your first round pick because he only scored six points. Resist dropping that twelfth round flier because he only got three carries. It’s only week two, and you have to trust yourself. Believe in your research, your stats, and your gut. Don’t panic.

Yes, you’re going to be wrong. Maybe you’ll write off James Jones way too early, or be completely wrong about Adrian Peterson having a big game. You’ve probably drafted some duds. But it’s too early to write off any player on your roster. At some point you’ll need to make some moves, but not yet. Let someone come to you with a panic trade that swings the league in your favor.

Last year, I got Rob Gronkowski for Cordarrelle Patterson and Kyle Rudolph because one of my league-mates wasn’t happy with Gronk’s slow start. I traded a guy who isn’t being drafted this year for a borderline first round pick. All because someone panicked. So don’t be that guy.

Let’s get to Week 2…

Three Players Who Will Wreck Your Opponents This Week:

Joe Flacco – Andy Dalton scored 20 points against the Raiders’ defense. Andy “Red Rifle” Dalton. That’s not a typo. I’m tempted to say if Andy Dalton can get 20 against Oakland, then Flacco can get 40, but I won’t go that far. I just think Flacco has a bounce back game in him.

Ameer Abdullah – Bell is fading and getting fewer carries. Abdullah is explosive and winning over the coaching staff. He’s also facing a Minnesota team that gave up 189 rushing yards to the 49ers on Monday night.

Emmanuel Sanders – The Broncos are facing a Chiefs defense that gave up a league-high 40 points (in ESPN standard scoring) to opposing wide receivers last week. And in case you weren’t paying attention, those wide receivers were catching passes from Brian Hoyer. Demaryius Thomas is banged up, and Peyton Manning is looking to get back on track. Sanders should score this week.

Three Players Who Will Wreck Your Team This Week:

Marcus Mariota – He looked special last week, but Cleveland’s defense is better and the Titans’ QB is due to play like a rookie. Don’t be the guy who starts him this week.

Alfred Morris – This is more about the Rams’ defense than it is about Morris’s ability to produce. St. Louis held Marshawn Lynch to only 73 yards in week one, and Morris does not catch passes.

Brandon Marshall – Expect Marshall to get a heavy dose of Vontae Davis, which means a long day for a wide receiver and few fantasy points. Ask Sammy Watkins.

The Guy Who’s Wrecking My Fantasy Season This Week:

Joe Philbin, head coach of the Miami Dolphins, who apparently hates running back Lamar Miller. Why does Philbin refuse to give Miller carries? Maybe he enjoys watching mediocre quarterback play. Perhaps Miller owes him money and this is Philbin’s subtle revenge. Whatever the reason, Joe Philbin is wrecking my running backs situation. Thanks, Joe.

Ben Zajdel is a contributor. You can follow him on Twitter at @bzajdel. His last name would be a great Scrabble word.

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