What Just Happened?

What to take away from yesterday…

Green Bay 31, Chicago 23

+ Here’s some hope for the Bears running game this year:

+ Jay Cutler showed us nothing yesterday that would tell us he’s better or further along than last year.

(I picked this game RIGHT, though Green Bay made it interesting.)

St. Louis 34, Seattle 31 (OT)

+ The Rams front seven? Dominant. Specifically Aaron Donald. Look at this stat line:

+ I tweeted that Kam Chancellor was losing leverage (as a holdout) as the Seahawks’ defense took over the game in the second half and gave Seattle the lead…but I tweeted too soon. Chancellor’s replacement, Dion Bailey, was responsible for giving up the game-tying TD. With a game against the Pack next week, will they get him in camp ASAP?

+ The Rams’ running backs didn’t look great with key drops and fumbles in big spots. Todd Gurley can’t get healthy soon enough.

(I picked this game RIGHT. St. Louis dominated up front like I thought they would.)

New York 31, Cleveland 10

+ This is what I thought of the Browns’ uniforms:

+ Jets bright spot: Chris Ivory is one of only four backs with 20+ carries so far in Week 1.

+ John Manziel protected the football as carefully as a 6-year old holding an iPhone (not well), and the rest of the team followed suit, accruing a league-high 12 penalties on Sunday.

(I picked this game RIGHT. Cleveland is a mess…the Jets aren’t quite this good.)

Carolina 20, Jacksonville 9

+ Blake Bortles took 5 sacks, threw 2 picks, and wasn’t helped by his drop-prone WRs. Luke Keuchly left the game with a concussion and the Jags STILL couldn’t score.

+ Carolina averaged an abysmal 3.9 yards per play on offense. Only Baltimore and Denver were worse on Sunday.

+ It was the most unimpressive win of the weekend, but in a division where 7-8-1 can get you into the playoffs, a win is a win.

(I picked this game WRONG. Very disappointed in Jacksonville. What else is new?)

Kansas City 27, Houston 20

+ 6 of J.J. Watt’s 9 tackles were behind the line of scrimmage because he is not human.

+ Brian Hoyer: terrible, to the point that he was replaced during the game. The only bright spot in Houston is that Arian Foster COULD be back next week.

+ Travis Kelce, the man they call “Zeus,” is the real deal at TE. I’m suddenly more excited about this offense because his presence – and the addition of Maclin – make them a little frisky.

(I picked this game RIGHT. KC is a better team, period. End of story.)

Miami 27, Washington 10

+ With the entire off-season to prepare, Washington’s defense was ready for Miami’s attack, and it almost led to a win.

+ Both Jordans (Cameron for the Dolphins and Reed for the Redksins) looked good on Sunday. Maybe TE is deeper than we thought this year in fantasy?

(I picked this game RIGHT, but Miami made me sweat it out.)

Buffalo 27, Indianapolis 14

+ Expect this type of performance from the Bills’ defense all year. They confused Andrew Luck all game AND deflected 12 of his passes.

+ Tyrod Taylor passed his first test as a starting QB, throwing for 195 and a TD and rushing for 41. Test #2 comes next week vs. the Patriots. (and if you’re hoping this Sammy Watkins 0-fer was a fluke, it might not be.)

+ Andrew Luck was not sharp. He was 17 for 35 on targets to his big 3 (Hilton, Moncrief, and Johnson), and it looks like Hilton will miss a few games with a knee issue. Not a great start for my pick to represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

(I picked this game RIGHT. Rex Ryan had the Bills ready and they delivered.)

Arizona 31, New Orleans 19

+ All hail Bruce Arians. I love his offense because he’ll take a shot downfield at any point.

+ The Saints need to learn how to get better in the red zone without Jimmy Graham. CJ Spiller will help, whenever he gets back onto the field.

(I picked this game RIGHT. Love the Cardinals’ at home all year.)

San Diego 33, Detroit 28

+ Keenan Allen, PPR monster! 15 catches on 17 targets. Dude is back after a sophomore slump.

+ Ameer Abdullah lived up to the hype, but Stafford may have played the second half with an injury.

(I picked this game WRONG. And I had a hunch when I heard that DeAndre Levy was out, too.)

Denver 19, Baltimore 13

+ The Denver defense…as amazing as we thought they would be. They held Baltimore to a 15% 3rd down conversion rate, the worst of any team on Sunday.

+ The Denver quarterback, aka Peyton Manning…as ineffective as he looked in the pre-season and at the end of last year. I would NOT want him as my fantasy QB this year in any format, on any planet, in any galaxy.

+ Terrell Suggs is out for the year with an ACL tear, which sucks for him and for the Ravens. Not feeling great about picking them as the #2 AFC Seed, especially with the lack of playmakers they seem to have on offense.

(I picked this game WRONG. I thought the Ravens could score 21.)

Tennessee 42, Tampa Bay 14

+ Marcus Mariota looked GOOD. Really GOOD. Reminds you of RGIII’s rookie debut back in 2012. Griffin went on to throw 20 TDs and only 5 INTs that year, while also rushing for 815 yards.

+ That being said, it was only one game against a below average team, so let’s not start measuring him for a gold jacket just yet.

+ Jameis had a much tougher day, thanks in part to an offensive line that lived up to it’s billing of being horrific. This made me laugh…

(I picked this game WRONG. Not sure if I overestimated the Bucs or underestimated the Titans.)

Cincinnati 33, Oakland 13

+ Tyler Eifert IS the real deal, which is why I own him in two of my three fantasy leagues.

+ Latavius Murray went 11 for 44, and I’m not sure it gets much better week in, week out.

(I picked this game RIGHT. I probably would have called it my lock of the week.)

Dallas 27, New York 26

+ Dez Bryant is out at least 4 weeks with a broken foot, and Dez owners have to be a little scared. Let’s hope the Cowboys don’t rush him back before he’s ready.

+ If you own Andre Williams in fantasy, drop him. It’s Jennings or Vereen and that’s it.

(I picked this game WRONG, and it really never looked good.)

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