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Before we get to my top resources, a quick check on the news…


Today’s ACL Tear of the Day is Orlando Scandrick of the Dallas Cowboys. The Dallas D now has to face it’s first three opponents (Giants, Eagles, Falcons) without Scandrick, Greg Hardy, and Rolando McClain // Reggie Wayne signed with the Pats. He’ll have little fantasy value, but could play an important role for NE // Michael Vick signed with the Steelers as a backup. // The Broncos signed Evan Mathis and will likely plug him in at left guard. Denver’s line is a work in progress, but Mathis could be a big upgrade. //

LAST THING: Turns out Randall Cobb may not get a huge spike in targets because of the Jordy Nelson injury. If GB continues to use “11 personnel” (1 RB, 1 TE), Cobb will stay in the slot and 3rd rounder Ty Montgomery could be the benefactor. Montgomery would only be worth a look in really deep leagues or as a longshot flier that this point.


Personally, I like creating my own cheat sheet for every league I’m in. Here’s how I do this.

1. I start with Matthew Berry’s Top 200, because he’s the guy I trust the most. This is the Top 200 I bring to my draft. I don’t use it as gospel, but it’s a good reference point.

2. I have a list at each position that I create as a spreadsheet. I create this based off of Berry’s Top 200, but then I tweak it to account for guys I like better than others, guy I don’t want to have on my team, and so forth.

I will also take a look at one other Top 200 and use that to influence my picks. This year I’m using Evan Silva’s Top 200.

If that sounds like too much work for you, just go to ESPN’s Cheat Sheet Central and grab the one that matches most closely with your league.

If you’ve got wacky scoring in your league and you’re an ESPN Insider, check out this tool that gives you personalized rankings based on your league’s scoring.

At the end of the day, remember that cheat sheets are just recommendations. When you’re on the clock and you are deciding between 2-3 guys, go with your gut. You’re gonna be cheering for this team all year, might as well pick the team you feel best about.


Here are three podcasts I really enjoy:

1. The Around the NFL Podcast – This is what you want a podcast to be. Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthall, Marc Sessler, and Chris Wesseling strike the perfect balance between insight and entertainment. They know their stuff, they have a great rapport with each other, and they keep it fun. Not heavy on fantasy insight, but they’ll make you a smarter fan.

2. Move the Sticks with Daniel Jeremiah – Speaking of being a smarter fan, DJ used to be a scout with 3 different NFL clubs, so he knows the ins and outs of how teams do business. I always learn something new from this podcast, and the guests he has on are usually great too. Less entertainment than Around the NFL, but still a great listen.

3. The Fantasy Focus Football Podcast – The aforementioned Matthew Berry spouts tons of fantasy insight (and occasional nonsense) that will help you win more games in your fantasy league. Period, end of story. This would have been number one last year, but it’s just not the same without co-host Nate Ravitz, who was the perfect yin to Berry’s yang.


When I’m watching live football, I always have a second screen up with Twitter loaded to my “NFL” list. These are guys I trust to provide insight and entertainment that goes perfectly with the game. I also check this list out a few times a day to keep current on NFL news. You can follow it on your desktop by bookmarking this link or you can subscribe to the list in your twitter app of choice.


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