May 2015

Who Wore It Best?

ESPN’s Paul Lukas (a favorite of ours here at PFB) just released his NFL uniform rankings. Click the link in the profile to see which of these four teams he thinks has the best overall set of uniforms. Which team do you think is best-dressed?

Deepest Sleepers

Looking for a fantasy sleeper RB this year? Consider Rudi Johnson. Sure, he hasn’t played since 2008, but if he unretires he could put up HUGE numbers this year. Target him in rounds 5-7.

Chan Has His Man

Geno Smith was named the starting QB for the Jets today, reminding us that any time you can verbally lock yourself into a mediocre quarterback four months before the season starts, you have to do it.

Jerry Jones Quote of the Day

Can you pick the actual comment Jerry Jones made this week?

A) New Coke tasted waaay better than Coke Classic.

B) Justin Guarini was robbed.

C) Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was the first good Indiana Jones movie.

D) Our entire running game this year…we’re better.

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